Drinking and Driving Defense

Michigan is cracking down on drunk driving: If you’re convicted of drunk driving in Michigan, you may be sentenced to a driver safety program, and will face significant fines, short-term suspension or revocation of your license, and even jail time. With the stakes this high, you need an experienced drunk driving defense attorney. Before you suffer these costly penalties, you need an experienced attorney to make sure the State has a case. Our “drinking and driving” team will check the evidence against you, and see if errors were made in your stop and alcohol test. They will also defend you in your administrative hearing before the Secretary of State.

A Note about  Reed City Drunk Driving Cases
Our firm represents the City of Reed City, and serves as its prosecutor for driving-related offenses that occur within their city limits. We do not represent driving-related defendants who were cited by the Reed City Police Department.

MWP’s Drinking and Driving Defense Attorneys