Timber Contracts: What should I know?

Timber is still a big business.  For those with acreage, you may be approached by timber agents offering to timber your property.  They will do all the work and give you some easy money.  Seems simple. However, while there are reputable companies out there, there are also several that are not and caution is necessary.

Before entering an agreement, it is a good idea to retain an independent expert forester to come and conduct an appraisal of the number and value of the trees that could be removed.

You also should speak to an attorney for advice and drafting of your own contract.  Be careful of “standard” contracts.  These may not be true contracts and most are written to favor the company.  You may want to demand proof of the number, quality, and value of the trees removed.  You may also want to know to where the trees were delivered and demand clean-up and repairs to your land.

If you have already had timber removed and have concerns, do not touch anything and call an attorney.  If there has been fraud or larceny, this is also a potential crime scene.

If you have any questions, please contact us at our offices.  We can help you protect your investment.

For additional information, consider looking at drysdaleforestry.com, an expert forester.