The Lasting Long Arm of the Law – Lifetime Electronic Monitoring

Criminal Sexual Conduct and other related sexual offenses have punishments lasting well after one has served their time in confinement or paid their fines and costs.

In 2006, for Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First and Second Degrees (there are four degrees in total), after one has served his/her time in confinement, lifetime electronic monitoring by the Michigan Department of Corrections through the use of global positioning devices is mandatory in certain cases.  For instance, it is mandatory for all CSC-1st convictions and all CSC-2nd convictions where the defendant was 17 years of older and the victim was less than 13 years of age.

This is an automatic part of the sentence.  Even if not advised by the court during court, it can be added on to the sentence years later as the appellate courts consider it a clerical error.

This and other particular nuances involving the defense of sexually related offenses are why having an experienced trial defense counsel critical.