Setting Aside (Expunging) Juvenile Records

While juvenile do not receive criminal convictions, they do receive adjudications.

While juvenile adjudications are not necessarily available to the public, they can still have a detrimental effect on one’s future.  For instance, juvenile adjudications may be seen by state and federal agencies when considering one for employment, licensure, or other things.  When one seeks enlistment or a commission in the military, a juvenile adjudication may make one ineligible to serve.  Maybe that young person learned his lesson and now wants to serve in law enforcement.  Maybe he or she wants to become a teacher.  These, and other similar opportunities, may become less available in a competitive economy for those with a prior juvenile record for misconduct.

There are rules similar to those that permit adults to expunge (set aside) certain criminal convictions, also permit individuals to demonstrate that he or she has learned from their misconduct and deserve to have it expunged from his/her past.

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