New Changes to Michigan Law – Greater Ability to Expunge Criminal Convictions.

Governor Snyder signed into law another set of changes to the help citizens petition to expunge prior convictions. Previously, one was only permitted to seek to expunge one criminal conviction after 5 years unless it was one of a few specified offenses.  In 2013, the law changed to permit one to seek to expunge a single conviction even (except for those certain listed offenses), if he had no more than 2 convictions for “minor offenses” (those punishable by no more than 90 days).

The new amendment effective in 2015, permits one who has no more than 1 felony conviction and no more than 2 misdemeanor convictions to seek to expunge (also referred to as vacate or set-aside) 1 or both convictions.  This is significant as one can have more than one conviction and seek to expunge more than one at a time.  The amendment also added some other offenses to the list of convicted offense for which one may not receive expunction, such as child abuse and criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree.

This new amendment is in response to the significant prejudicial impact prior convictions can and do have on people seeking employment, loans, military service, or education.  It give not only encourages rehabilitation but also gives those who do so an opportunity for a fresh start.

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