MWP Attorney Jason Elmore explains changes to Michigan’s sex offender registry law

Jason Elmore, a criminal defense and trial attorney, explained to TV 9&10 news how Michigan’s sex offender registry will change. Elmore explained how Public Act 17 of 2011 will affect people convicted of “Romeo and Juliet” offenses involving consensual sex between teenagers.

Under the new law, Jason explained, a person convicted of having sex with 13-, 14- or 15-year-old will removed from the sex offender registry, as long as the person wasn’t more than four years older than their partner. Individuals already on the sex offender registry can petition courts to remove their names.

Jason Elmore is a shareholder of McCurdy, Wotila, and Porteous, P.C., and has represented individuals charged with serious crimes, ranging from financial offenses, to sex offenses, to murder. He also has an active civil practice, and has represented parties in cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, real estate, and environmental contamination.

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