MWP as Your Local Counsel

McCurdy Wotila & Porteous regularly serves as local counsel for firms who have to outsource a case due to a conflict of interest, or to reduce travel-related expenses for their clients.  As your local counsel, our firm offers four advantages to you:

Breadth and depth.  Few other firms in Northwest Michigan can match the depth and breadth of our trial experience.  Our attorneys have delivered victories to their clients in diverse areas ranging from multi-million dollar settlements in wrongful death cases, acquittals and dismissals in felony criminal cases, resolution of complex environmental litigation, and successful appeals in Michigan’s appellate courts.

A reputation of aggressive trial advocacy.  Our experience and reputation motivates out-of-court settlements in most cases. But if the opponent is unwilling to offer a fair settlement, you can rely on us to carry your case from pre-lawsuit negotiation to verdict.

Local knowledge.  Our attorneys regularly practice in all levels of courts throughout the region.  We know the history of judgments in the county your case is being litigated as well as the trends of the court involved in your case. With that knowledge, we can help you craft strategies that will resonate with local courts and juries, convince your opponents to settle in mediation, and set appropriate client expectations.

Affordability. While you can expect the same level of expertise from us as from larger urban firms, our fees are typically significantly lower due to the lower cost of doing business in northern Michigan.