In war, there are no unwounded soldiers

Our freedoms have been provided by those willing to serve.  Veterans serving either on active, reserve, or national guard duty, have earned the right to be cared for upon their return.  The same is true for their families.

For those Veterans who pay the ultimate sacrifice; their surviving family members are often entitled to extensive benefits.

For those Veterans who return from deployment suffering from head injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other serious conditions, they need and deserve appropriate treatment and fair compensation.

Veterans and their family members may qualify for such federal benefits as: education and training assistance, vocational rehabilitation and employment assistance, home loan guarantees, medical benefits (the higher the disability rating, the higher the level/types of VA care), medical insurance to dependents, and life insurance.

Additionally, states may offer other benefits.  For example, in Michigan one may qualify for annual tuition grants of up to $2,800 for eligible children of some deceased or permanently disabled veterans.

The claims process can be difficult and lengthy.  Without the proper legal advice, navigating this process can be difficult and deepen the wounds.

As a veteran and a reservist with the Army JAG Corps, I know the difficulties veterans and their families face.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Jason Elmore