Giving Back

Over the last week, we have encouraged readers, friends, clients, and others to consider one or more of the local charitable organizations or programs right here in our community when looking at their budgets for giving this upcoming year. These are programs to which we ourselves support and provide our time, talents, and treasures. Here are few more:

The Wex.
Our own Mike Figliomeni is a volunteer with the management group and is a management group board member.

Cadillac Youth Hockey
Mike is also a volunteer, a referee, and avid hockey player himself

Cadillac Symphony Orchestra
Mike is also a board member of this wonderful artistic contribution to our area.

United Way of Wexford-Missaukee
Mike is a board member. Jason will again be participating in its famous murder mystery dinner event on February 20, 2016, now in its 6th production. Many of make regular donation through our paychecks as well.

We have been placed on this earth to live, love, and work together. We are all given unique resources; how we use them is up to us. We at the firm encourage you, your families, and your businesses to find ways to give to others and be a part of a better community.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.
and God Bless