Firearms Possession and Concealed Pistol License

To many, the right to possess and bears arms, which is guaranteed under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, is a cherished right.  There are some very important rules one living in Northern Michigan should be aware.

In order to carry a concealed pistol, one must have a Concealed Pistol License (aka Concealed Carry Permit).  They must take a class from a certified instructor.  One should ensure that the instructor has a good reputation with their local county gun board.  One may not obtain a license if they have certain criminal convictions in their past, such as domestic violence (even a misdemeanor) and a felony within the last 5 years.

Important advice:  Do not carry a concealed weapon after letting the license laps.  Do not possess the weapon while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.  Ensure the weapon is properly registered.  Ensure the weapon is properly stored.

Besides the rights regarding concealed weapons, there are important rules regarding one’s ability possess any firearm, such as a hunting rifle or shotgun, if they have a prior conviction.  If one has been convicted of a felony, he may not possess a weapon until 3 years after that conviction and only if he has paid all fines, served all confinement, and completed probation.  If one has been convicted of a “specified felony”, he must wait 5 years and have paid all fines, served all confinement, and successfully completed probation.  A “specified felony” includes drug felonies, firearm felonies, and assault/violent offenses.

If one is charged with a criminal offense that may impact his right to bear arms, he should seek counsel of an experienced attorney before permitting that case to proceed any further.

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