DISMISSAL on 2 More 40 year Felonies

In a case in which a public defender originally pushed plea deals, Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Elmore of MWP LEGAL, pushed in the other direction. After getting one court dimissed by the judge and the remainder of the case split into two, Elmore pushed one to trial trial and received an acquital. In the other, Elmore fought back. After nearly 6 months of telling the prosecution it truly had no evidence, the prosecution finally acquieced and dismissed the remaining felonies last week.

In criminal cases, sometimes, the prosecution has all of the evidence. In many cases, however, they do not. In some instances, the prosecution simply pushes hoping either the will or money of the defendant will run out. In others, the prosecution pushes cases due to pressures. Those pressures may come from the politics of job, from within themselves, or from naivety instead of an objective and analytical application of the law and resources to the mission. The key for a defendant is not only their will, but also who they have on their side.