Digital Motion X-Ray: Cutting Edge Imaging Being Used by MWP in Personal Injury Cases

 In many personal injury, auto accident, and workman’s compensation cases, soft-tissue injuries and bone injuries are involved. While some injuries are obvious and visible, some are not so easy to see and demonstrate. Imagining devices are necessary to see inside the body.

Most people, medical personnel, and lawyers are familiar with x-rays and MRI’s. These, however, have their limitations that can impact not only healing but also collecting on a claim or lawsuit.

Take for instance someone with pain that is aggravated while standing, walking, sitting, or moving compared to lying still. The difference is movements. Muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and bones all move. Most common imagining devices take stationary images. They do not show what is happening as the body parts are moving.

A Digital Motion X-Ray or video fluoroscopy helps solve the mysteries of what is happening inside when parts of the body are in motion. This amazing imaging device takes a x-ray video of the body while in motion. For instance, consider an individual suffering neck, lumbar, or jaw pain. Traditional imagining devices will not show how the bones and other parts interact while in motion. They give stationary images leaving medical personnel, attorneys, patients, and juries to speculate what is causing the pain. It is often in this motion that that pain is aggravated. It also in motion that other injuries can be diagnosed by observing the incorrect movement of the body parts in real time. This is the value of the DMX device.

Personal injury and auto accident cases often involve battles of expert opinions. With the proper imagining, the integrity of those opinions may be greatly increased.

There are very few DMX devices throughout the U.S.. Reportedly, there are only a couple in Michigan. Dr. Scott Reagan of Cadillac Chiropractic Center, P.C., here in Cadillac, Michigan one of only a few in the state to possess this technology. It not only lends a great assistance in treating his patients, but also in patients and their attorneys in successfully proving the validity of their claims and ensuring just compensation.

If you have any questions about a particular personal injury, auto accident, or other legal claim, please contact our firm. If you have any questions about this technology and whether it may be right for you, please contact either our office of Dr. Reagan at 231-775-8087.