Cell Site Simulators – The Sting Ray

Law enforcement agencies must get a search warrant to search and seize information kept within one’s reasonable expectation of privacy. However, where one has such an expectation is interesting. If someone stands on a street corner and talks out loud, he has virtually no such expectation. On the other end of the spectrum, if someone is talking to themselves in the dark at home, there is a greater level of expectation. Our lives, however, are full of a variety of gray areas.

The Sting Ray, and other such near secret devices are available to police even in michigan that permit them to snag cell phone calls and listen. The manufacturers insist on secrecy of the technology, which dissuades the constitutional requirement of warrants.

Records reflex that these half million dollar devices are used in Michigan, but only in the Detroit area.  They are expensive and secretive.  They seek to take advantage of our use of mobile devices.  Another interesting element on this issue is that to gain access to computers and computer programs without permission is a crime.  It is also a crime to eaves drop without warrants….for both police and private individuals and companies.