Who’s responsible following an accident?

We see a lot on television in terms of advertising and discussion about car accidents and who’s responsible under which circumstances. It’s also common to talk about when a person’s been hurt in an accident, what their options are in terms of financial recovery. A less-commonly discussion portion of the topic is what kind of […]

No Fault and Auto Accidents

Michigan is a no-fault insurance state.  What does that mean?  It means that to operate a vehicle upon a roadway, one must have at a minimum no-fault insurance covering their personal injury and property damage protection.  It also means that one has lost the right to sue the other individual unless there is a serious […]

No Fault Auto Common Question

Q: I was recently in an accident involving another driver.  Although I have insurance, the other driver is seeking a large sum of money from me personally.  How can they do this? A: The other driver, or his/her insurance company, is likely seeking money above what is covered by your insurance policy.  Michigan law allows […]

Uninsured Auto Insurance Cases

Q: My friend told me that if I’m in an accident with an uninsured driver and not at fault, that I might not be covered by my policy.  Is that true? A: If you’re in an accident in which the other driver is at fault and that driver has little or no insurance to cover […]


Michigan law allows a driver to carry as little as $20,000 liability insurance. This means that if you are at fault in a collision, and seriously injure a person, your insurance company will only cover $20,000 in damages, while YOU ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REST! It is surprising how many people do not know […]