Does the Probate Court or the Government Take Away My Money At My Death?

Clients often tell us that the Probate Court or the Government will take away their money during the probate process. This is absolutely untrue. The Probate Court charges a “user” fee for the services it provides. If a client fails to provide a beneficiary for their estate and there are no legal heirs to inherit from […]

How Does a Living Trust Avoid Probate?

A Living Trust is an artificial “person” created by a living individual. The Trust takes effect immediately. While it does sound like legal double talk to claim that a written document is a “person,” we have many artificial “persons” in our society, including corporations and limited liability companies. Once the Trust is created, all of […]

What is a Living Trust?

A Living Trust is an entity created by a written document. A trust agreement is a special “instruction manual” telling the trustee how to manage the trust’s assets. Trusts are often used to: avoid death taxes, manage money for children, avoid probate, and manage real estate in other states. The Trust should include all your […]

What is a living will? How can I protect my wishes about medical care?

Living wills are a form of “advance medical directive.” A living will instructs medical care providers to give—or withhold—particular kinds of medical care, if you become incapacitated. Unfortunately, living wills are not recognized by Michigan. But state law does recognize other forms of advance medical directives. In Michigan, you can nominate a “patient advocate” to […]