Car Insurance in Michigan: Your rights and responsibilities

Each state has its own laws regarding car insurance, so sometimes it can be confusing to understand what laws are particular to your state and which laws are common across borders. Roger Wotila and Minews26 Reporter Abigail Blackrick have more.

Who’s responsible following an accident?

We see a lot on television in terms of advertising and discussion about car accidents and who’s responsible under which circumstances. It’s also common to talk about when a person’s been hurt in an accident, what their options are in terms of financial recovery. A less-commonly discussion portion of the topic is what kind of […]

Digital Motion X-Ray: Cutting Edge Imaging Being Used by MWP in Personal Injury Cases

 In many personal injury, auto accident, and workman’s compensation cases, soft-tissue injuries and bone injuries are involved. While some injuries are obvious and visible, some are not so easy to see and demonstrate. Imagining devices are necessary to see inside the body. Most people, medical perso…nnel, and lawyers are familiar with x-rays and MRI’s. These, […]

No Fault and Auto Accidents

Michigan is a no-fault insurance state.  What does that mean?  It means that to operate a vehicle upon a roadway, one must have at a minimum no-fault insurance covering their personal injury and property damage protection.  It also means that one has lost the right to sue the other individual unless there is a serious […]

No Fault Auto Common Question

Q: I was recently in an accident involving another driver.  Although I have insurance, the other driver is seeking a large sum of money from me personally.  How can they do this? A: The other driver, or his/her insurance company, is likely seeking money above what is covered by your insurance policy.  Michigan law allows […]

Uninsured Auto Insurance Cases

Q: My friend told me that if I’m in an accident with an uninsured driver and not at fault, that I might not be covered by my policy.  Is that true? A: If you’re in an accident in which the other driver is at fault and that driver has little or no insurance to cover […]


Michigan law allows a driver to carry as little as $20,000 liability insurance. This means that if you are at fault in a collision, and seriously injure a person, your insurance company will only cover $20,000 in damages, while YOU ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REST! It is surprising how many people do not know […]