Designated Caregiver Act (CARE Act)

If you or a loved one have ever had to coordinate healthcare following a hospital discharge, you know how confusing and disjointed medical care can be. The transition from the hospital to a rehabilitation center or other care setting is a sensitive time. Medical orders can be dropped. Recommendations can be forgotten or improperly implemented. […]

Car Insurance Clarification

Sometimes what we see on TV and what is actually on our car insurance policies can be misleading and knowing what terms on your Declaratory page mean, can help clear up some confusion. Attorney Roger Wotila will help clear up what many of those terms mean in this Legal Minute.

Jason Elmore Named “Person of the Week”

Attorney Jason Elmore was named “Person of the Week” by MI News 26 this week, being recognized for both his military service and community involvement. The feature story can be seen on the station’s web site by clicking here.

Advice for Hiring an Attorney

Reporter Abigail Blackrick and Jason Elmore, an attorney with the McCurdy, Wotila, & Porteous Law Firm, offers advice that anyone who is planning on hiring an attorney should keep in mind.

Principal Residence Exemption on Property Taxes

There are a variety of ways to receive exemptions on those taxes. One of the most common is on homes of primary residence. Cynthia Wotila, an attorney with the McCurdy, Wotila, & Porteous Law firm, discusses Property Taxes.

Is My Lawsuit Worth Filing?

Jason Elmore, an attorney with the McCurdy, Wotila, & Porteous Law Firm, sheds light on the process of filing a lawsuit as well as the important questions you should ask your attorney before deciding to move forward with the process.

Renouncement from the Sex Offender Registry

Jason Elmore, an attorney with the McCurdy, Wotila, & Porteous Law Firm, helps us greater understand what it means to be on the Sex Offender Registry as well as a person’s ability to have their name renounced from the registry under qualifying circumstances.

The Defense Attorney’s Role in Maintaining Courtroom Integrity

When you step inside a courtroom it can feel like you’ve entered into an entirely new world. The rules and regulations are very distinctive and MUST be followed to a T. Part of a defense attorney’s responsibility is to make sure that happens.

Success before the Army Court of Criminal Appeals – Fort Belvoir, VA

  In his role as Lieutenant Colonel Jason Elmore with the Defense Appellate Division, U.S. Army Legal Services Agency, Jason prevailed today in the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, which is located on Fort Belvoir, Virginia by receiving a dismissal of a criminal charge in a court-martial case, which originally was tried at Joint Base […]

Cadillac Area YMCA Dancing With the Y Stars

Join our firm in thanking those who helped make last night’s Dancing With The YMCA Stars the best yet. Over 620 people in attendance (that’s 170 more than last year). Over $28,000 in voting raised plus nearly $12,000 net in ticket sales (nearly twice last year’s). We were but one of the proud sponsors. Dozens […]