Michigan Dower Rights

Even before Michigan became a state in 1837 its always had some form of Dower rights. Dower rights apply when a wife’s husband passes away and the husband had interest in or owned a plot of land. A third of the land was provided to the widow so she could use it to sustain herself […]

Tax Exemptions and Reductions

With Tax deadlines right around the corner it’s to file the right paperwork, especially when you own a business. Knowing what exemptions and reductions are available to you can help you save some money. A few years ago several laws were passed to help reduce or eliminate some costs that come with owning certain types […]

Property Tax Expenses

When buying or selling property it’s important to know what expenses come with it. One expense however may be a surprise. Cindy Wotila explains what to watch for in this Legal Minute.

No Fault Insurance Changes

Auto Insurance can provide a safety net when it comes to getting into an accident, however it’s important to know what exactly your policy covers. Attorney Roger Wotila tells us more about the changes to No Fault Insurance in this Legal Minute.

Safety During the Holidays

During the holidays, travel becomes a big topic and if you’re not careful you can end up with legal trouble. Attorney Patrick Cherry shares some ways you can travel safely in this Legal Minute.

Medical Marijuana Regulations

Medical Marijuana is the only legalized form in Michigan, however it comes with many laws and regulations that must be followed otherwise you can end up with legal punishments. Attorney Patrick Cherry helps define the law and how to stay within its boundaries.

The Process of Changing Child Custody

One of the most common topics in Family Law is child custody, but when the child chooses to live with the other parent, it isn’t as simple as telling the judge, a process must be followed. Wendy Divozzo, Family Law Attorney tells us more about this process.

Consequences of Domestic Violence

In Michigan, Domestic Violence is considered a Misdemeanor, that can result in jail time and/or a fine, but repeated offenses can be considered a felony with a more severe punishment. Civil and Criminal Trial Attorney Patrick Cherry tells us more about the lingering effects in this Legal Minute.

Designated Caregiver Act (CARE Act)

If you or a loved one have ever had to coordinate healthcare following a hospital discharge, you know how confusing and disjointed medical care can be. The transition from the hospital to a rehabilitation center or other care setting is a sensitive time. Medical orders can be dropped. Recommendations can be forgotten or improperly implemented. […]

Car Insurance Clarification

Sometimes what we see on TV and what is actually on our car insurance policies can be misleading and knowing what terms on your Declaratory page mean, can help clear up some confusion. Attorney Roger Wotila will help clear up what many of those terms mean in this Legal Minute.