Timber Contracts: What should I know?

Timber is still a big business.  For those with acreage, you may be approached by timber agents offering to timber your property.  They will do all the work and give you some easy money.  Seems simple. However, while there are reputable companies out there, there are also several that are not and caution is necessary. […]

Why Living Together Can be Dangerous – Landlord Tenant Issues

For previous generations, unmarried couples living together was referred to as “living in sin.”  It was so taboo it served as the premise for the television sitcom “Threes Company.”  Today, that morality mire has gone away; however, there is still a legal issue in these situations that when relationships are good, goes ignored. It is advisable […]

What is adverse possession?

Did you know that, under certain circumstances, a person may acquire ownership of property that does not actually belong to them? The legal doctrine of adverse possession and a related concept called acquiescence, provides a legal basis for someone to claim actual ownership of property that does not otherwise belong to them. This doctrine will […]

What are riparian rights?

Riparian rights are interests in real estate and they automatically are included with most land that is in physical contact with a natural lake or river. Riparian rights include ownership rights in the bed of the lake or river to the center of the lake or to the thread of the river. Riparian rights could […]

Zoning Enabling Act

The Michigan Zoning Enabling Act consolidates all zoning rules into one law. While the law has been in effect since 2006, you may not have noticed the difference, unless you have changed your zoning ordinance. Even if you do not have a zoning proposal on the table, there are two reasons that now is a […]

Planning Enabling Act

The Michigan Planning Enabling Act consolidates all planning rules into one law. It actually became law in 2008, but its “transition” provisions have protected your current land use plan. On July 1, 2011, planning commissions are required to adopt new conflict-of-interest rules. Now is a good time to revisit your bylaws and rules. What does […]