The DHS’s Central Registry – The Secret List

There are courts of law that operate out in the open and in accordance with the Michigan Court Rules and Michigan Rules of Evidence.  It is the system most people think of for the settling of disputes.  It is the product of such constitutional rights as due process.  The rules provide the structure, tests, and predictability one expect […]

Eavesdropping, Surveillance, and Giving Consent

The vast amounts, types, and quality of technology is amazing.  If one can dream it, one can make it.  The capabilities, benefits, and applications can be amazing.  They can, however, also be dangerous. How does technology, specifically the capabilities to record and transmit audio or video information, have an impact in the legal world?  Well, again, while the […]

Digital Motion X-Ray: Cutting Edge Imaging Being Used by MWP in Personal Injury Cases

 In many personal injury, auto accident, and workman’s compensation cases, soft-tissue injuries and bone injuries are involved. While some injuries are obvious and visible, some are not so easy to see and demonstrate. Imagining devices are necessary to see inside the body. Most people, medical perso…nnel, and lawyers are familiar with x-rays and MRI’s. These, […]

Timber Contracts: What should I know?

Timber is still a big business.  For those with acreage, you may be approached by timber agents offering to timber your property.  They will do all the work and give you some easy money.  Seems simple. However, while there are reputable companies out there, there are also several that are not and caution is necessary. […]

Why Living Together Can be Dangerous – Landlord Tenant Issues

For previous generations, unmarried couples living together was referred to as “living in sin.”  It was so taboo it served as the premise for the television sitcom “Threes Company.”  Today, that morality mire has gone away; however, there is still a legal issue in these situations that when relationships are good, goes ignored. It is advisable […]